Thursday, 5 April 2018

Repeal - A film review

As a proud Repealer I was very excited to hear about a new short film on the issue, written and directed by Karl Callan with the aim of showing his audience the faces behind the 8th amendment.

Three stories, from three Irish women, depicted in poignant scenes by actors Maureen O'ConnellLynette CallaghanAidan O'SullivanMichael O'KellyNiamh WalshRebecca ThompsonMaria FiorentiniPatrick BokinConor Waldron and Sofia Bwcka.

For those who have been out canvassing, handing out leaflets, engaging in those everyday discussions on the subject, you'll know that real testimonies about how the 8th effects women and sometimes families, has a far greater impact that opinions and sometimes facts alone. Putting ourselves into their shoes can be difficult, but seeing and hearing situations from those who have lived them is a step in the right direction. It's a step towards helping those on the fence, those soft yeses and those soft no's, make a responsible voting decision on May 25th this year.

"I researched the stories, spoke with women I know who had been through similar situations. I also spoke to medical professionals and learned of the difficulties they go through as a result of the restrictions put on them.I wanted to make sure the film was as realistic as possible"

- Karl Callan

The feature opens up with the story of Samiya.  After a dramatic beginning we quickly change to the scene of Emily, abortion from another point of view. We know immediately these scenarios, before the scenes even really come in to focus. Cut to later in her story, a stark change in circumstances, another dramatic and poignant segment.

Be pre-warned for serious content warning throughout. I realise you may already know this if you are aware of the theme of the film, but there really is no holds barred.

Monday, 26 March 2018

In search of Achill-Henge

On March 5th, me and my beloved Bicky totally eloped, telling no one at all, and went and gots hitched. Yup. We hired two photographers who worked as our witnesses! That way we didn't have to tell only two loved ones, and try and choose between them all. It was beautiful, laid back and totally the no fuss day that we wanted. But more on all that later. If you're feeling particularly sound then give the photographers/ witnesses a like on Facebook - Mian Photography and Training - I really could not recommend them enough, whether it's your wedding, family/ baby pics you're looking for, or even fur-baby photo-shoots (some very cute ones on there, if for nothing else you should like the page for the cuteness). Very talented pair!