Friday, 20 July 2018

The one where they got secretly married (nay neH)

Yes, yes... nay neH is "Just Married" in Klingon

So I've briefly mentioned this in a couple of my last posts and I'm sure some of you were like, wait what, did she just swipe over all that gossip of eloping? Like some kind of celebrity. And yes, yes I did.

But now I'll get all basic bitch and gush about my wedding day for those who want to know the full story -so if you're uninterested look away now.

The planning

We're both (myself and Bicky) quite practical people. Laid back, too. Bicky works in the wedding industry so sees his fair share of nuptials. While they're all wonderful celebrations for the happy couple and their families, it's just another, average work day for him. I've never had this childhood fantasy of a fairytale wedding day with a huge white dress, cake... None of that stuff. We're both also (super duper califragilistic) atheists, so a church was never going to happen either.

With all that in mind, and not wanting a big party or fuss or such, I always assumed if we were to bother getting married that we just wouldn't tell anyone. Perhaps, not at all. People might find out way into the future, if one of us was in hospital for example, but I would be content in never mentioning it otherwise.

After a brief discussion last winter (2017) we decided to get married in secret (but to tell people afterwards, as we kinda wanted to wear rings). That was it really. All very practical conversations.

  • We applied to give our three months notice of intent to marry on March 5th, 2018. 
  • Picked a registry office that was open the day we wished to wed.
  • Booked a hotel in to stay that night, the stunning Farnham Estate
  • And then a house in Achill for the week for our honeymoon (we just told people we were off on holidays to Achill).

Friday, 6 July 2018

Health updates - Summer 2018

And now for all the boring stuff. I'll keep it all as brief as possible!

Here's what's been happening since my trip to London...

The experiment 

On the advice of the London physio, my own little miracle worker decided to try and unlock my thoracic spine (which we believe has been locked since childhood). As this being locked is causing immense pressure and strain on my c spine (meaning that my head has less support and the neck is struggling to keep it upright daily as the c spine is doing so alone), unlocking it would help bring about some strength and stability. Maybe even decrease the neck dislocations.

She explained to me how this slow process would go. I would lie down on my front and she would gently touch along my t spine, encouraging the vertebrae to open slightly. There are apparently four stages to this process, although with my issues she was reluctant to even suggest that we get to stage three. She was hesitant, as she has never attempted this on a patient who dislocates/ has EDS, but as I was keen and London agreed it was the best option for me, she was willing to go ahead with the treatment.

We would start at stage one and build up, I would see her one a week to try and progress to the next level. It was somewhat experimental, and neither of us could predict the outcome. Firstly because, well, everyone is different, and secondly because she has never performed this treatment on anyone with complex issues. I could sense her fear, so I really appreciated her agreeing to proceed.

I lay down and she gently touched along my mid spine -tiny, little nudges. Not even taps. Muscles that hadn't been activated in years began to spasm as the vertebras were moved. Odd twinges along my sides, radiating from the spine. It was a strange feeling but not unpleasant. The movements were so tiny yet so powerful. I left that day with an appointment for the following week.

Unexpected side effects of the bizarre kind

Within minutes of leaving the clinic my gag reflex went into overdrive. I started making the strangest sounds as my body lunged forward, violently spasming along my diaphragm. It wasn't painful, but was annoying, and uncontrollable. As well as hilarious. I sounded ridiculous. Something almost goat-like. Bicky was in stitches. This was a very unexpected side effect from what seemed like a simple manipulation of my spine.