Tuesday 21 January 2014

White hipsters can't jump... or run

So I'm getting more into/ back into this walking malarkey -got my insoles in, got my dogs by my side... and Simon, in case I fall over. He's good like that! Only had time for a 45 minute walk today unfortunately, but at the same time I guess it should be wee steps. The dogs were happy anyway -10 minutes is a huge walk for them sure, never mind 45 minutes. Their wee, silly tiny dog legs and all. They are flat-out snoozing right now, bless 'em.

I'm trying to use this time of steroid-fuelled, not-so-bad-chemo-effects, body-hasn't-copped-on-it's-doing-things-it-couldn't-before phase to get myself into gear and hopefully build up a bit of muscle. Or at least an attempt at running (which doesn't end up with me flat on my face as per usual). So tomorrow I'll be taking my new insoles out for their first test drive in running!
...Or, rather more likely, jogging!
...for like half a minute at a time maybe. But it's a start!
...Or I won't be able to actually do it, and it's the end.
...Whatev's, the gym treadmill lets me hold onto it as I walk quickly. It's nearly like running/ jogging.

On a completely unrelated note:
Happy birthday to my mate Sarah!!! -I'm SCREAMING at you in annoying text and background colours! It's like a 1998 website all up on here!!!! Can't wait for Friday, hot stuffs!!!


  1. You'll be running more than i do!!! Keep up the good work. xx

    1. Thanks! :) Hopefully I can keep my energy up... I'm worried to even write that I feel great at the moment in case I jinx it! x

  2. Lol, that last bit about running made me giggle! xx

  3. Keep up the good work. Again I am impressed by your positive spirit....glad the acupuncture is working fro you too!