Monday 9 May 2016

Becoming a HuffPost blog contributor

I have recently become a blog contributor for the Huffington Post. As most bloggers will know, it doesn't pay, but it's a nice step up all the same! I don't mind the whole no pay thing at all! This has always just been my hobby, and sometimes I feel I wouldn't want to ruin writing with making it into a job, ya know? ...Maybe in some way in the future I'll rethink this, but not for now. For now I love the idea of being a HuffPost contributor which allows me to reach bigger audiences, while maintaining who I am as well as well as ownership to my work. It means that I have no set contract, in that I can also write for any
publication that I wish... all these things are of great importance to me.

If you would like to read my first article, here it is:

Stop Telling Children They Can be Anything They Want to be - They Can’t. And That’s OK!

Some of you may remember it from a version I wrote on here a while ago. This is a slightly edited version (taking into account audience, word count, etc.).

I hope you enjoy and I would really appreciate a share on any social media if you do like it.


  1. Congratulations on becoming a writer for Huff Post - no small step. I look forward to reading your contributions there and also on Fibro Blogger Directory. Cheers

  2. Excellent! How has it improved your stats? I would think Huff Post would drive alot of traffic your way~

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