Thursday 9 January 2014

Mom hair

So I've heard and read several times that cutting my hair short may make it less likely to fall out during chemo, as it will be lighter... so here goes everything! Result? I now have 'mom hair', yet somehow look younger. For those who know me you will know how young I already looked. At 28 I get ID'd regularly.

I also changed the colour slightly to try and mimic my natural hair (from what I remember of it, it's been that long) as I won't be able to colour it in the near future, and I've bought baby shampoo and conditioners. Not just any baby shampoo (as some are only kind to your eyes) but one that has absolutely no bad stuff in it -I went for the Elave ones, got them in Boots. I can't blow-dry my hair or use heat stylers, but when it's this short anyway, who needs em? Meeeeh :/

Things I also look like: A 90's TV detective woman or a TV reporter... or similar 90's things. I cut it myself and I really only know the one haircut -90's layered feathering. Jennifer Aniston eat your heart out! ...except not really 'cause she had nice hair. For those who don't know me, here's a pic of my hair before I changed it:

I'm the third from the right. My lovely Simon there in the middle in the grey hoodie. This pic was taken just after I was diagnosed and met up with some of my lovely and wonderfully weird friends :)

I'm getting used to it though, and all jokes aside, don't really mind the short hair. I'm not even upset thinking about loosing it, to be honest...

Don't get me wrong, I will make one ugly bald person, LOL! But sure it'll grow back, and no matter what shite you're going through -things can ALWAYS be worse!


  1. I like your hair! I cut my fringe and now it's too short :( can't wait for it to grow i look about 10 lol

    1. Thanks hun! Don't mind it too much now... I've actually cut it further since, lol.. I get addicted to the dumbest things like cutting my hair! :P Guna post latest pics shortly. At this rate, I won't have any hair left to even go bald, har har!