Sunday 2 March 2014

Please don't PICC me...

Having a minor freak-out today about having my PICC line inserted tomorrow.... I know, I know -"It'll be worth it", "No more burning veins during chemo... the actual treatment will be faster... no more painful poking for veins that still work", BUT, that all said, still looks like a bloody horrible procedure.
Yeah, I looked up videos on YouTube like a big feckin eegit. Did not help me. At all.

For those interested, here's a video: PICC line insertion
And some info on what a PICC line is: PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheters)

Yeah so having cancer, not a huge problem for me apparently -but getting a relatively minor procedure and I'm being a massive whinge-bat (is that a term? I think it is). Glad to see I have my priorities in order, har har.

I think with all the horrible vein experiences I've encountered the last couple months, I really just don't want any more.... but it'll be grand...

I've heard mixed experiences from people online who've had it done -some said it's just uncomfortable, others quite painful.... I'm being a huge baby right now I know, haha! Just have to remember that.

...And breathe, Kitty, breathe!


  1. sounds like fun. ha ha. not.
    I'll be praying for you, dear gal.
    everything will work out fine, you'll see :)

    1. Thank you :) Sorry just seeing comment now x

  2. I hope it went well for you. I had a PICC line put in for awhile almost 2 years ago. I was an inpatient at the time, and I had already had surgery, so they were already giving me serious narcotic painkillers. So, I was nice and doped up ... conscious, but sleepy. They also did it on a quite Sunday afternoon, AND, for what it's worth, the tech who did it was a pretty young woman who really seemed to enjoy her job, and was good at it. For me it was a perfectly fine experience, strangely enough!

    1. I really wish they had given me something to knock me out or even just make me sleepy -It was awful. They had to adjust it four times because they couldn't work out the correct size (that's after they eventually found the vein). Could barely move the arm afterwards, which subsided after few days, but I'm now quite afraid of needles :/ It took 8 hours altogether ....Apparently it's usually quite a simple procedure, I was just very unlucky! I can laugh about it now though!