Tuesday 25 February 2014

Mid-way PET scan, exercise and other shenanigans

Sorry to my followers that I haven't been on here in a while -all is still good in case yous thought I was too ill to type :) Have just been trying to enjoy my time off college and work (have decided to defer); although still feel a bit like a useless bum!

So, the latest cancer news: Had my mid way PET scan last week and received results today from the haematologist.... everything is on track, the cancer is reducing and he said he's happy with the results/ it's what he'd expect at this stage. So, brilliant stuffs! I wasn't very worried anyway -I know from the online groups I joined, that even if the cancer had spread, Hodgkin's lymphoma is still very treatable and can just sometimes take longer than expected. But this is great news altogether! Continuing with the plan of 4 cycles of chemo, then radiation. Still to have a meeting about the latter and find out how much. I'm now on my third cycle of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy side effects: Still doing relatively well with the whole side effects -have been very much so blessed in that way. Previous hip/ leg/ back pain, spasms and stiffness are still actually benefiting from the chemo drugs and have yet to go through a 'bad phase' since starting my treatment.... I'm going to be such a bitch when I finish and the pain comes back, har!
The dry rash on my hands has now progressed to swelling, mainly around the nails, and is causing some pain and numbness. This is apparently due to the drug that burns the hell outa me.

PICC insertion: The haematologist has said that I really should get a PICC line inserted because of this, and my general shit veins, so he's booking an appointment. For those that don't know, the PICC line is a semi-permanent tube inserted into the vein in my arm and up my chest, which will allow for a much handier drugs treatment as they won't have to poke the feck
outa me each time I receive chemotherapy. It will also hopefully help the burning from the drug and help the rash and swelling subside in my hands.... I should have gotten it ages ago, but I'm and indecisive chicken shit and didn't. As the nurse told me the other day, she thinks everyone should have it done before treatment and the choice taken away from the patient, and I really agree with her. Guna be painful getting it in I imagine but should be worth it.

Other craic: I've also been doing some art and craft to fill the time recently, and have decided for March, that 25% of anything I sell on my Facebook page (KittyLovesTeddies) will be donated to the very worthy Dundalk Dog Rescue :) So stay tuned for details.
I've been out and about exercising -walking the dogs for longer mainly, with tiny bits of jogging and running. Not as unsteady on my feet as I once was while running, due to the insoles I now have for the leg length discrepancy, however I still run like Phoebe in that episode of Friends. Worse, actually. And I haven't managed to get past about 20 seconds without having to stop, but in time perhaps!

I think that's everything really.... Just want to take this time to say though *Warning: gushy crap*: thanks to all my friends and acquaintances, who I either see all the time or hardly ever see. Your e-mails, texts and words of support have been unreal and much appreciated (even if I haven't gotten around to replying to everyone!), and as we say in Ireland -yas are just deadly altogether :)


  1. I had just checked in a while ago to see how you were doing! So glad to find a lot of good & positive news. You look great & are clearly keeping up with that sassy sense of humor. Just know that you are in my thoughts …so glad things are on track & going well!