Saturday 1 March 2014

80's mom hair

Yep, another boring hair post! This is the last one, promise :P (mainly due to having very little hair left that I could actually cut off, haha)...
So haven't lost too much hair from the chemo in general, although it was getting dry and tangled and had to brush the knots out so much that I was loosing more than I should have been! So to combat this, just thought, 'fook it, you must go, stupid knotty hair', and so here's the result...

Sorry again for the smug/ creepy look -as I said before, selffies are not my forte. Cut it myself (again), which had my mum in a complete panic; bless her! Haven't been to a hairdressers in years that the thought of paying someone that much for something I could do myself seems silly.

In other news.... PICC insertion appointment on Monday, aggghhhh!!! ...Trying not to panic, although I really wish I could be knocked out for it (o_O)

Any advice from anyone out there who has one inserted would be much appreciated! Please comment below :)


  1. i think it's super cute!!! I don't think you look smug or creepy at all, just very adorable. I love your glasses, and for the record, i always cut my own hair too :)

  2. Hey I cut my own hair too, there must be more of us out there than you think! Abigail is right! You look adorable & not the least bit smug or creepy. Best of luck with your appointment!