Saturday 27 September 2014

Goodbye cancer; hello old life

Soooo... As I've told yous all in a previous post, my doctors were pretty sure the cancer was gone, although they wouldn't take the plunge and use the 'R' word... and they still won't, har! But as I said, it's only a word... But -as of September 16th, 2014, after receiving CT results, I am officially cancer free.

I would like to take this chance to thank my family, friends and of course my dear Bicky who has both financially supported me through this time and made me laugh all the way through it... Again, I have to say, in the grand scheme of things, I am extremely lucky -As far as cancers go, I had a mere cold and nothing more.

I also need to thank my amazing doctors and nurses -without their advice, exceptional bedside manners and their honest/ blunt/ realistic outlook on the situation, I never would have coped as easily as I did. Especially in the early days. I really don't think doctors and nurses get the credit they deserve -especially in regards to cancer. Constantly, especially over the internet, they are undermined; their opinions viewed as
not important. We need to remember that there is a reason that they are the experts in this field -And we are not. With that in mind, knowing that many yell "Thank you God for answering my prayers!" after receiving the all-clear, I would like to adapt this and add: "Thank you doctors/ nurses/ and general science, for answering my prayers!" :)

Aaaand I need to thank St. Vincent De Paul in Dundalk, The Carrickmacross Cancer Society as well as Mc Cabe's Taxi in Carrickmacross.

I'll have check-up appointments every 3 months now for a couple of years -to make sure the lymphoma doesn't return, no other cancers occur, and to keep note of general health issues which could be a long-tern result of the treatments.

Now I can finally get back to my 'normal' life: Starting with college and volunteering, which I have recently jumped back into.

It's really strange how having cancer changes you -and yes that does sound dramatic (especially as I had a pretty good time of it, considering) -And yes, I do mean it as that dramatic. I recently read a post from someone recovery and going through a similar experience, and I can relate... I've always known who I was, and been so sure of myself, and now I really have no clue who this new person is. It's a bit odd and scary not knowing...

But I'm excited to find out x

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