Wednesday 1 October 2014

Happy (belated) birthday -Cripple, baby!

Oooh, cannot believe I forgot my own blog's birthday :P -Bad blog mama! On September 6th, my little project was 1 year old.

I began this as a journey through ill-health (Hip dysplasia, nerve... shite, spastic... something or other, GERD, hiatus hernia and Dysaut... dizzy-tomnia... or something something) and diagnosis... And soooo, have had feck all appointments or updates as of yet! (Cheers, Irish health system)... But instead, I've entertained you with my bleak views, boring fur-babies and many, many sarcasmos (It's a word now. Because I said so. Also, why is anyone still reading? I'm bored already, and it's my blog. "GET OFF MY BLOG" -In a Peggy Mitchell voice. Sorry if you aren't in Ireland or UK and don't get the reference), and of course not to mention my cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery (Cheers, Irish health system -this time without intended sarcasmos).

Bless... They're just adorable at this age...

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