Thursday 2 April 2015

#MarRef canvassing -Volunteers needed

Couple quickie updates on marriage referendum stuff...

Dundalk Outcomers are looking for volunteer canvassers in Co. Louth, Co. Meath, Co. Monaghan and Co. Cavan. This will be done in pairs of one male and one female, so if you have a friend of the opposite sex who would also like to campaign, even better! Information and how to apply can be found here: Canvassers: YES vote to marriage equality

As I've posted before, I'm compiling some clips of local(ish) folk, organisations and businesses who are in support of marriage equality. We've posted some of them up here: YouTube - Vote YES for Marriage Equality

Hopefully more to come... We decided to first post them individually, then in couple of weeks they'll be compiled together -This way, they can be shared on social media either individually or all-in-one, whichever is preferred by your lovely selves. Get prescribing and sharing!

...Aaaaaalso, like this page to keep up to date: Vote for Happiness -The latest videos will be posted here.

You can still mail us
to take part:
Or if you have your own video/ YouTube channel relating to marriage equality, why not comment under this blog post with the link? :)

Live in Co. Louth? Like these Facebook pages to keep up to date with news, meeting details and how to get involved: Marriage Equality Louth, Yes Equality Louth and Dundalk Outcomers.

Live in Co. Monaghan? Go here and likey this page, and why not attend their meetings and help canvass in your local town or village: Yes Equality Monaghan

Oh and just for fun, and to become a walking (or driving, if you get the car stickers) advertisement, here's a link to some yes equality merchandise:
Yes Equality Shop

And last but not least, have a look at this vid made by a local -Excellent stuff:
Why Vote Yes To Marriage Equality by uLabelmePink

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