Saturday 29 October 2016

Halloween costumes for glasses wearers

Bit late getting this post up, but maybe it will help any fellow glasses wearers out there who need a last minute outfit! As you know, it's crappy being restricted in what we can dress as for Halloween. Sure, there's the general ghost, witch, cat -all of these can incorporate glasses. But sometimes we want to feel a bit original. If you're like me and anti contact lenses, or have issues with wearing contact lenses in general, then coming up with a suitable, grown-up costume can be tricky. Same for those of you who have beards -bro, I gets ya. It's quite a big thing on your face, designed to ruin most fancy dress occasions (terrorist is soo 5 years ago). So like with beards, it's best to incorporate the glasses rather than pretend they don't exist.

So here's a few ideas for my fellow glasses wearers. And yes, I'll spare you the oh so obvious Velma from Scooby-Doo, and I've left out some rather silly ones that I've noticed suggested on other sites... Daria? Really? So wear a green jacket and look moody. Or even Jess from New Girl -outfits like this really only work if you have a big sign saying who you are. Some of my own selected characters may even be obvious, but I tried to go for ones that would be recognisable at least.

If all else fails and you really have zero time and/ or money, work those glasses into a mask itself -cardboard and paint can go a long way to create a super hero or a masquerade disguise.


Chuckie Finster from Rugrats.
Frank from the TV show 30 Rock.

Where's Wally... Or Where's Waldo to our American friends!
Geordi Laforge from Star Trek -turn your glasses into a visor!
Harry Potter -super obvious but always a goody.
Linda Belcher from TV's Bob's Burgers.
Olive from the movie Little Miss Sunshine.
Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory -age test of the night will be to see who gets the reference.
Maurice Moss from the IT crowd.
Meg from Family Guy.
The Minions. 

Austin Powers. Another obvious one, and also quite annoying...
So guys who are considering it, I would warn only pull this out if you wish to remain single that night.
Napoleon Dynamite.
Tina from TV's Bob's Burgers.
Walter White from TV's Breaking Bad.
Ugly Betty.
If you have time I highly suggest sourcing the famous poncho or at least attempting to make a similar one...
And if you attempt to do so then please send me photos. She's like, my spirit animal.

Any other suggestions,
please feel free to write them in the comments. 
And *Happy Halloween* everyone!



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