Sunday 12 January 2014

Radioactive Kitty

Just a quick post to show a funny picture that my mate Tasha edited.

Back story to it: When I was going for my first PET, myself and friends found it quite amusing that I would be technically radioactive for 6 hours after it because of the dye they inject into you -was as bit scary getting it done; scarier than my first chemo session, actually. Everyone kept asking me, the nurses included, if I was nervous when I went to the first chemotherapy appointment. Wasn't at all... why would I be? It's to KILL the cancer! -I was simply excited! :)

Aaaanyways, back to the PET: I was even advised to not be around kids and pregnant women for the few hours after it. In her usual humorous spirit, Tasha did this and posted it on Facebook, and I looove it! (as you can imagine, Simon was less impressed with the photo of him that she choose for it, hahaha!). Oh and if you like it too, have a looky at Tasha's Facebook page, Tasha's Paintings, and give her a 'like':

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