Thursday 29 May 2014

Sleeping baldy -Why I miss chemo

Oh blerg.

It's one of those days/ last few days: hip at me, extreme fatigue, general zombie mode. And I can't even blame the cancer or the side effects from treatment. It's times like this that I miss the chemotherapy -best pain killer ever, as I said before. I'd say I could be the only person in history to make such a statement (missing the chemo), but it's bloody true!

I set my alarm today so I'd wake up early (to ya know, do normal shit and actually have a life), which I did, although then immediately fell back into a coma. Blerg, blerg, blerg!

The last few days I seem to be working in rotations: One day ok/ can get up and do stuff, the next day coma, next do stuff, coma, and so on... any other dysautonomia/ illness heads get this? Think I prefer the general on/off good/bad phases. This type is hella annoying. Hip and knee pain is decreasing though -hurray.

At least it's raining today... don't feel like such a lazy hermit when it's raining outside!

I miss the real world.


  1. Great news about the pain decreasing!

  2. As you miss your chemo, would you like to come over here and do my last 4? Pleeeeeassse. Glad you're having some good days. xx

    1. I really wish I could Jill, haha! :) I actually feel a lot better after that wee rant.Hope you're getting on ok with them xx