Thursday 15 May 2014

The end of treatment –The beginning of recovery

Thought I better split all the craic from the last while into two, as not to bore yas all too much with extra-long posts… again, apologies at sucking at regular blogging.

So as you may know, or have guessed, I have finished chemotherapy :) (For now/ hopefully forever). Here’s some tweets from my last day…

Exciting stuff.

Speaking of which, I’m waaay better at updating Twitter, so if you fancy following me you can do so here: @kittypotpie85

But of course, then came radiotherapy –BOOOOO! Three weeks, Monday-Friday, in Dublin. Worrying about us affording petrol for all these visits, Bicky (Simon) applied for help from The Carrickmacross Cancer Society who paid for a taxi service for us, for the whole three weeks! Seriously, absolute saints. Please give these angels a ‘like’ on Facebook and support them: Carrick Cancer 

….Speaking of money issues, I still DO NOT have my medical card. Yeah, seriously. Long story, so I’ll write up another post on this at a later stage…

For those that don’t know much about radiotherapy and wish to know what it entails, go here: External Radiotherapy 

Like with chemotherapy, there are some side effects, although most people find
it handier to go through than the chemotherapy. I thought maybe I’d be the opposite as I didn't find the chemo too tough, but I was pleasantly surprised –a bit of a sore throat but nothing major. The whole Monday-Friday treatments are annoying though; didn't have much of a life for three weeks, but sure can’t really complain –has to be done! And three weeks really isn't that long in the grand scheme of things. 

So now I’m finished the treatments! I think anyway… can’t be too cocky until I next see the specialist.

...Before I started the radiotherapy, me and Bicky went on a lovely short trip to Bundoran (Donegal), one of our favourite places (My sister got us a voucher for my birthday) –Much needed break! Here’s some photos, to make yas totes well-jell (did I phrase that correctly? Hashtag29ButStillDownWithTheKids) 


  1. Love your blog. So glad you've finished chemo. Hope the radio goes quick and uneventfully.
    Your twin xxx