Wednesday 21 May 2014

I look like a potato -A kawaii potato

I found this picture on the internet a while ago, and honestly, laughed for ages… this is very much me at the moment, BAHAHAHAHAHAAA! :)

If you know me/ friends with me on Facebook, then you've probably already seen this video of me shaving my hair. I posted it mainly for friends –to see that I'm not deeply traumatised by losing me hair! It’s a weird thing, cancer and hair lose… effects people in such strange ways. I don’t mean the person actually going through it, I mean for the friends and families. 

I was only ever hesitant about shaving my hair off because
of how I knew people would react; how it would make others sad. One thing I noted when I had hair, was meeting people in the street who I may not have seen in a while. They would comment, honestly, on how ‘healthy’ I looked –many I think expected me to have extreme hair loss and to be wearing a scarf. Hair = health. Without this hair, people would actually see me as sick. It might sound silly but when you think about it, it’s just actually human I guess. Anyway, there wasn't a huge need to shave it at first/ wasn't losing it too much. That changed just before my last round of chemotherapy –hahaa, just my luck! 

Friends and family soon got used to it too, especially once I pointed out how their perceptions of bald = sicker is totally incorrect and dramatic!

So here’s the video. Honestly, had fun doing it… thanks to Tasha for the extra LOLZ! (My mate in the video). Bicky is taking the video by the way, that’s him commenting ‘you look like a lesbian’,… absolute cringe. Not sure what year ol' man river is living in. He’s so uncool… But I love him anyways! 

*** Click here to watch me shaving my head :) ***

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