Tuesday 10 June 2014

100 days of happiness... A recent round-up

Yop -My name is CrippleBaby, and I have an issue with lack of blogging *sits down and waits for applause*... So rather than go through the last 10 or so days individually, I'm just going to do one big ol' post for the '100 days of happiness' days which I missed -which was many, many days. So here's the round up, and in no particular order, as I'm too lazy to do so, quite frankly:

Dancing with Thom 

These lads: The Seasons

This boy... Plus his awesome jukebox...

 ...Plus this

And of course, some dogs

Opening your "savings"/ change box (that we've been throwing change in for months) and finding that you have enough for flights to Sziget!

And to finish, I'll leave yas with a good meme... which I laughed at waaay too much

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