Tuesday 3 February 2015

Midweek randoms

Not exactly midweek for another hour, but most definitely random. Wee thoughts and recent observations that don't individually deserve their own whole post...  Fun-filled links, titbits (Or is is tidbit? I wasn't sure, LOLZ, doubted myself and had to Google it!) of information you should be aware of and just downright demands/ things you should do, read, watch... Bite size CrippleBaby, if you will... Fun size, even! Have I sold this to you yet? Good. Carry on. 

If you donate to nothing else this year, donate to create Ireland's first cat cafe in Dublin... Yep. You read correctly:
Cat Cafe!

Finally having my second/ big neurologist appointment this month. 1 and half years after the last appointment... Nervous. And not just because it's on Friday the 13th... *Reminds self that superstitions are complete twat bollox*

Want to travel and volunteer? Apply for this (Not one of those scammy organisations, I promise):

Live in Dundalk? Go to this every Tuesday in the Bartender:

Prepare to wet yourself: To Kill a Mocking Bird sequel! 

Visit my new side thing (cause I didn't have enough going on)... Free stuff

Enjoy comedy
shows? Meet my new love: Catastrophe 

Like this Facebook page for an organisation in Dundalk (be sound, lads!), and sure invite others to like it too (be extra sound, sure!)... MegaHearts 

I'm still afraid of beans but have tried cashew nuts. Didn't die. Food phobias -0, eating like a normal person -1.

Listen to this. Particularly if you know Bicky. It's a good translator for his bizarre, culchie sayings. So it is. Horse box! 

Enjoy? Want more? Here's the second one so

Make any new resolutions yet? Make 2015 your year to not be an asshole. Start by volunteering for something you care about. Go here for ideas.

Read this if you are still unsure over the marriage equality referendum, LGBT rights, or just over your general views of LGBT couples:
Why Child Welfare Concerns' Are Not a Valid Reason to Oppose Same Sex Marriage Referendum

Millions of people I know got engaged there recently (not really millions... Irish exaggeration... Like 4 or something). Congrats and all that jazz... This is going to be an expensive year for me, har.

You'll probably enjoy this if you liked my blog post on rights for women:
The "Real Men" Club

Live in Co. Louth, Monaghan or near by and want cheap guitar lessons? Course you do. See Bicky's Facebook page to book.

Had yet another massive gap of writing the blog there for a while, so missed any Christmas posts, AKA St. Spicket's day (I'll leave that one for another day to explain!). Just myself and Sarah this year. Here's some photos:

My sister had her birthday new years eve, and we had a grand ol' time:

I found out there is a 'lost man' in Dundalk -You phone him up and he tells you where your lost shit is... Apparently. Oh, Dundalk. *Exaggerated eye roll*.

Love the idea for this movie, filmed over 12 years! Not arsed linking to a good stream or download, but you look like a clever person and I bet you can even use Google.

Here's is a link to something though. Interesting documentary.

A cancer sister's blog. This is a very true representation of how it feels after cancer (if you are lucky to have an after cancer, of course):
'Who's the Boss' blog post

...Now buy me nice things, stroke my hair and call me purdy? 
No? No. 

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