Wednesday 18 March 2015

Life is peachy

I went and dids my hair!

...I wanted a light colour for ages but wanted to wait until some grew back after the chemo. I would have loved mint, but I neither have the patience or the willing to bleach my hair that much -Such a colour would require a hella lot of effort and toners. Most platinum blondes will tell you the nuisance of trying to only bleach roots while not over bleaching the already bleached rest of your hair! (well, home dyers like myself anywho!). It's time consuming and awkward to do yourself.

So the only pastel-ish option, if I didn't want to use pure bleach and toners (I.E. products to rid the yellow/ orange tinge of blonde) is peach/ pinky/ orangey... I'm guna say it's variation on peach. To start I used a normal blonde box dye, Nice 'n' Easy brand I think it was, then followed it up by mixing Stargazer's dawn and baby pink.

Couple tips when using Stargazer and
similar brands (I.E. The 'madder' colours): They wash out quickly so a top-up is needed more frequently than average box home dyes -Use cold/ semi-cold water to wash hair to avoid excess fade, and buy your colours in bulk so you have some to hand when needed. Sounds annoying colouring your hair that much, but they are quick and easy to use, with generally no mixing like average box dyes/ 1 bottle application (well, unless you fancy mixing your colours for different shades, like I did). If you have long hair, you really need at least two bottles. Most colours of this kind come is small containers. Trying to make it spread will only result in a colour you don't want/ a faded version, or a version that will fade even quicker -Plaster the head in colour.

I like it, but I put too much orange in the mix -more pink is definitely needed next time! It will probably also be a nicer colour once my hair grows more as there'll be more room for different shades of oranges and pinks...

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  1. Love it. It looks amazing, really suits your skin tone. Fab xxx