Friday 5 February 2016

@CardiganJezebel February photo challenge // Days 1-5

As previously posted, I'm taking part in a February photo challenge created by fellow blogger @CardiganJezebel

The rules are simple for anyone else wishing to take part -photo a day, posted on Twitter or Instagram, with the # tag and of course, her name tag.

Here's the themes and the tags, again:

And here's my first five days...

Day 1.: Red

No explanation needed really, simply a red flower. 

Day 2.: Comfort

I'm in no way religious or believe in a God, but I have great respect respect for those who truly believe, who can find comfort from it. I imagine that must be an amazing feeling to possess. 

Day 3.: I am...

Me of late... The only me I can be. My present, my future. And I'm ok with that.

Day 4.: Hobby

My charity crafting... Painting, sewing, making teddies/ stuffies and of course volunteering and helping my community. See my Facebook page for more: KittyLovesTeddies

Day 5.: Little things

I love my toys. Here is one of my vintage creepy dolls enjoying a tiny cup of tea.


Anyone else joining in? Comment below :) and follow me on Twitter: @kittypotpie85 

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