Thursday 24 March 2016

Good Friday eve & happy birthday to my mum

Two important notes today...

It's Good Friday eve! If you are Irish, do not, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to do your shopping tonight. Super markets will be crazy... If you are mad enough, god speed. You brave soul.

Have yet to make plans for the occasion tomorrow myself, which I generally celebrate like a true atheist -By getting drunk... (although this is also how Catholics here celebrate it anyways! Tsk, tsk). We're thinking of a little excursion with the dogs too (not at the same time as the drinking alcohol, of course!).



And secondly, happy birthday to my mum.

She is settling in well to her new house, doing it up and
enjoying her new life, while still fondly remembering my father who passed just over a year ago... I commend her on being able to do that. For some people of her age, I think it can be easy to think you are too old for change and for new things -Especially after grief. For others it makes you think how precious time and life is. I'm glad she focused more on the latter...

Happy birthday mum 

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