Wednesday 23 March 2016

Gym stuff

As regular likers of my new Facebook page will know, I have recently tried my hand at going back to the gym. This is something I used to do on a regular enough basis -Whilst I could not run outside, I could somewhat run on the treadmill. Running being one of the basic activities I miss doing... Along with general sport and activities which of course, require running. But alas these days, I simply miss walking!

I began my (what became a long) break from the gym gradually. I had to stop when I commenced chemotherapy, as gyms are apparently one of the most germ filled places ever and I had little to no immune system. I did go back briefly after I finished my treatment, but as you all know, my body has declined even further the last year, and with that, my ability to exercise...

I was never a "gym bunny". Lets be clear on that! Haha.. I went once a week, sometimes once every two weeks -TOPS. And the odd walk with my dear friend Christina, coupled with leisurely walks with the dogs. Even these things were struggles, but doable. At one point in my life.

But I really do miss the gym. I love exercising and the rush I get from it... I don't enjoy the pain, of course. How and ever, people need exercise to live and to thrive. And so I recently started going again. I went twice and then joined fully, so hopefully I can keep going once a week to begin with and maybe twice in the future... I just have to remind myself that my "over doing it" is different than other peoples over doing it. And if I forget, I always have the crippling pain to remind me.


A couple of FAQ's:

1. What about swimming? I hear that's great as a low impact sport?
It is. But unfortunately, I cannot swim. I have tried several times and
just cannot do it. I'm not sure if it is the hip, my mobility issues, or if I'm just an idiot, but unfortunately I cannot seem to do it at all.

2. What about physio?
If you haven't been reading my blog for long or do not personally know me, then you might wonder this. I spent quite a bit of time doing painful physio as a child, only to be advised on two occasions as an adult, by two different physiotherapists that physio not suggested or helpful for hip dyplasia (other than in the cases of very mild dysplasia, can specialised physio be performed).

Not only that, but the two physiotherapists I did see as an adult basically pleaded with me to not do any exercise the way my body currently is -I.E. Unless I have any surgery first (in which case I will obviously require physio to recover). It's too much strain on the body, which results in damage. I also have no core/ sense of balance and my strength tests were appalling. From their professional level, I can totally see where they are coming from -They don't want to injure me and be responsible for that. But I have to do something, and can obviously accept responsibility for my own body.

For a bit more info on my health history, see here:
"I'm not qualified for this" -A tale of a fragmented and centralised health system

If you don't follow me on Facebook, or even if you do and have missed some of my recent gym journey so far, here's a re-cap:

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