Friday 29 July 2016

Introducing Saoirse

Finally I would like to introduce you all to my new wheeled, part-time pal, Saoirse -A name suggested to me on a Facebook post and also in real life (seems the most popular one)... I was aiming for a girls name (as all vehicles are female, obviously) and was leaning towards something Irish. Saoirse seemed perfect as it means freedom (ha, hopefully)...

These photos were taken in Drogheda a while ago, where we first took her for her first spin -just before a storm hit! Hence why I'm holiday my hat down, ha.

I'm still very much mortified about needing to use a chair, even part-time, but I want to get out of the house more. I'm not ready to use it around the ol' hometown as of yet, but she came in handy on my latest holiday to New York -photos of that lovely trip to follow tomorrow. There's no way I could go on a holiday like that (visiting museums, sites, and all the walking these things entail -hell, even all the walking in the airport would be tough) without a wheelchair.
She's a cheap wee thing, bought by myself -didn't have time to wait for the HSE one (if I'm entitled to it, possibly not) but I'm hoping once I have an actual specialist of any kind, that they can help me apply for a better one. If needed/ if this one breaks, she's holding out a lot better than I thought and is pretty comfy.

Being a self-propel chair was obviously my main requirement (big wheels, rather than small wheels), and generally she isn't too hard to maneuver. Like it doesn't feel like you are moving your own weight around. However, even on smooth terrain, my wrist in my right hand (my weak one, oddly enough, even though I'm right handed and it should be my strong one) becomes weak and painful. Probably common though. Bicky was definitely needed on a few occasions to push me around, especially in crowds/ bumpy sidewalks, and up and down steep curbs.

I have plans to tart her up, of course -I'm thinking spray paint (probably pastels), possibly handle bar streamers, bike wheel reflectors and an ol' fashioned bike horn. I've seen some cool chairs before, in Facebook groups and forums and such... If you have a chair that you've jazzed up, or even just a wheelchair that you love in general, please share a link in the comments section! Have you given yours a name? Or any disability aid -do you name yours too? Any general tips for someone trying to adapt to using a wheelchair? All comments and suggestions welcomed!

...And do I really need to buy a special "wheelchair cape"???
'Cause that may be a deal breaker.


  1. We all need a cape! You have such spirit Katherine. More people who don't live with what you do could take a few lessons.

  2. Remember what Edna Mole said....."NO CAPES!!!"
    And not every car is named after a car is the "Rodger Young" from a favorite movie of mine.
    Wheelchairs are no fun but sometimes they help out tremendously!!
    (Hi Heidi!!!)