Saturday 30 July 2016

Popping wheelies in NY

As promised, some photos of my recent trip to New York, featuring Saoirse. I won't make this into a review about being on holidays with a chair/ how accessible or inaccessible a city is, only to say that it was hit and miss... But as it's my first holiday using a wheelchair, it wouldn't be fair. I have nothing to compare it to, and I would assume New York is a lot better than most cities. Although I will say two things -taking the subway is a big no no obviously (but I had two days in which I simply didn't bring the chair -and paid for it) and secondly, JFK airport workers are kinda assholes to wheelchair users. Seriously, some training may be required there... So they can maybe perhaps not make their customers feel like they think they are retarded. That'd be swell... I'll write a future blog post on that issue after I send my complaint in. Dublin airport were amazing, on the other hand. Among everything else, they simply made me feel less of a knob -It was very embarrassing having to use a chair, as you can imagine, so simply being treated human goes a long way. Anyway, more of that another day!

Thanks to my lovely family and friends who made us feel very welcome, and sorry to friends we didn't get a chance to visit. A week really isn't enough time in New York, but it was a long week for me and unfortunately all I'm currently fit for. Hopefully we will get to go again in the future.

These photos include some sites and museums, such as the 9/11 memorial, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum (including a Star Trek exhibition!!! I shit you not, me and Bicky transformed into the biggest dorks when we got to it), the Body Worlds exhibition and just general messing around. Trying to pretend being in a wheelchair is fun and I'm totally fine with it and still a cool, independent woman, purposely banging into Bicky and friends, very much so enjoying a ride on a refurbished carousel even though it bloody hurts, drinking loads of Gatorade (which is the American equivalent to Powerade, except it tastes nicer... Both drinks being the elixir of my people)... Enjoy!

[Unfortunately not feeling the best since the trip, and have done my 
back in/ pulled something, but totally worth it]

{ He was very, very pleased with himself! }



  1. So great to see you out and about. I am jealous of your trip and i love your photos. my daughter visits New York in November - she's 21. What is your must see suggestion for someone who has never been there before?

  2. great post, I love New York, been there 4 times and America in general. I see you fond Gaterade, lol :)