Sunday 29 January 2017

The adventures of Blanky and Bicky

This January marks a special time in my life -it marks mine and my beloved's (known as Bicky on the blog -Bicky and Blanky being nicknames we gave each other in the early days) anniversary. Seven years together. Seven fun, dramatic, wonderfully adventurous years spent getting to know each other, and discovering ourselves, too.

So much has happened in that time...

Moving to the countryside, taking the leap to adopt dogs together, cancer, my father's death, one of us switching to vegan and the other to pescatarian, a couple of  college degrees, part time courses, a job in a funeral home, spiraling illness, crippling health problems, Jamburger, shaving our heads, matching tattoos, wheelchair, inconsolable loses, lots of Buckfast, campaigning for marriage equality, 1 cataract, Bundoran, discovering each others beliefs/ views/ ethics, challenging our theories, assorted festivals (glorious festivals), holidays, weddings, more funerals, births, MRI's, PET's Sunday's at the pond, Tuesdays at the Bartender, medications, asthma, road trips, Christmas, three pairs of glasses, promises, secrets, cuddles, memes, sick days, sick nights, pain, morning coffee in bed, 100000000000 cat litter changes, new friends, old friends, making forts, making dreams, planning, working together, writing together, 2367099990000 joint dislocations... And more Buckfast 💜

We're often asked (although less frequently these days, I think those close to us know) if marriage is on the agenda (I'm practically an old maiden now... at 30... something). And the thing is, it actually isn't really. It might be strange to hear a female say so, but I've never had this childhood dream of marriage -white dress, flowers... any of that stuff. The truth is, we're both not really arsed. I hate spending loads of money (which is good, as we don't have a lot, har!), like I'm seriously annoying when he buys me a present. I need to know the exact cost. Now don't get me wrong, I love alcohol and presents as much as the next person, and I know it could be done on the cheap (local GAA hall, all the way), without the fuss of a reception, or even any guests, but when it boils down to it, neither of us are bothered/ too lazy. Maybe one day (Buckfast reception sure sounds good), but, "meh" either way.

So what is in store for us? A kid would be nice, health pending. A lot of research has went in to that of late - health related (mine and any future bub -Bicky having to care for one disabled person is one thing, but two?) and other factors, like education (being atheist our choices are extremely limited in Ireland -getting the kid's name down in either an inter/ multi denominational style school means getting on the waiting list like the night of conception -as well as some travelling involved). So all that, maybe, and of course we have a good bit to finish our five year list, like still so much more of the country to see. I love our road trips. Oh and Buckfast -whatever the future holds, I'm sure there'll be loads of Buckfast.

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