Tuesday 25 July 2017

M'anam presents 'Open Your Eyes' art exhibition

So I've been really quite on here, apologies! Hope you've been keeping up to date on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I've been busy with side projects and the all important health stuff -updates on the latter in a separate post in a couple of days.

One project that I'm very excited about, is an art piece that I've submitted for a local exhibition to be held in Dundalk museum this Friday (July 28th). The event is organised by M'anam, a community group who organise various platforms for those with know-how on multiple subjects, to showcase their work and knowledge. They hope to teach and promote different cultural practices, skills and hobbies. So far they have done so through a number of fun and informal talks in Dundalk. This is their very first art exhibition, and I'm honoured to be taking part alongside some wonderfully talented artists.

My piece is based loosely on the theme of totems/ totem poles and is inspired by chronic pain and living with disabilities. The idea grew from totem meaning symbols that we place on objects, and also the involvement of ancestry on these symbols -In a similar way how my ancestry/ genetics has affected my body. In an obvious way, this piece is a self portrait of sorts. This piece is my body. It's consists of two thick canvases, mounted on a table -tall, as in the shape of a totem. I used acrylic paint, ink, tracing paper and various mixed media. Bit of photography in there too. I've incorporated moths -my biggest fear (yes, I realise it is a completely irrational fear, but they literally terrify me more than most things in life!) and various totems of personal relevance to my life and how I feel inside this broken body. I've simply named it TOTEM.

*Sneak Peek*

Check out my art and craft Facebook page if you haven't already liked it:


For anyone who would like to come to the opening night (kindly sponsored by The Market Bar), see the Facebook event and express your interest in the comments section (so they can get a number of how many will be there):

Opening Night: M'anam Presents 'Open Your Eyes' Art Exhibition

For info on the other nights, see their second event page:

M'anam Presents 'Open Your Eyes' Art Exhibition

And also check out some of the other talented locals taking part! Sorry not a full list, if anyone has further info on the rest (links to their works) please do add in the comments section...

Tasha Lambert
Niamh Magill
Sarah Jane Hopkins
Grainne Murphy
Dara Kettle
Katie Ball
Seรกn McGuill

Keep an eye on M'anam's facebook page for further info and artists' bios. 

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