Monday 31 December 2018

[Video] Happy New Year from my ME flareup

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know I was quite proud to visit a site recently that has been on a list of things I wanted to complete -The Silent Valley Reservoir/ Mountain Park. We walked for nearly an hour and I used only my cane. I had stories up throughout the trip on social media and took some pretty nice snaps with my DSLR.

It was tough, very tough, I could barely bend afterwards to get back into the car. But extremely glad I achieved what I wanted to; feeling quite proud.

Here's some photos of the day and a video of the aftermath, because it's really only fair to show both sides -I could make everything look pretty and shiny in my life through social media but we all know that's a load of bollox. I do myself and my conditions no justice by not representing the truth. On top of that it's harmful to any young, impressionable zebra out there (or anyone with chronic conditions) who feel like a failure for not living up to what many portray online. 

I developed ME/ CFS after the flu a few years back. It was a scary experience and I struggle to deal with my feelings about when it was at its peak even now -In coma like states for up to 20 hours, I had no life, Bicky couldn't wake me but I can hear him trying to. I was very lucky to have a post infection version which has since subsided to only once or twice a month of the coma-like sleeps, but I dread it coming back full time, if it's very triggered again the future. Naturally I have received the flu shot every year since, without fail, and will never forget again.

I'm not qualified enough to discuss in detail the ins and outs of this extreme and very complex condition, but I should add that these "sleeps" are not in anyway well rested. My general sleep/ usual state is not well rested. So I wake up from 20 hours and feel like I have had zero. It's not good. I run on empty most of the time, but I can deal with the normal fatigue. 

For big adventures like this I suggest setting aside several days if you suffer from EDS, chronic fatigue, etc. (make no plans for the preceding days). Bring plenty of water, salty snacks, all your braces in case of injury. And never alone, obviously. I should point out this is my second attempt at doing this. Feeling exhausted still but very happy. 

Happy New Years everyone.
I hope your yule season has been merry, bright and well-fed.
Spent either with loved ones, or with yourself in complete harmony. 

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