Tuesday 27 May 2014

100 days of happiness... Day 2 & day 3: Vegan 'ice-cream' & friends

Continuing on from last Friday's beginnings of '100 days of happiness', here's Saturday and Sunday's happy times...

Saturday May 24th: 
Vegan banana and biscuit 'ice-cream'

I came across this vegan 'ice-cream' recipe totally by chance, and as it seems very popular amongst veganists... veganites? Vegan people? ..Thought I should probably give it a go. It's really simple, surprisingly similar to ice-cream and quite healthy (but of course).


  • Bananas -chopped and frozen for about 24 hours, or longer (I used about 6 to make a big bowl)
  • Soya milk (I used about 300ml, but you can leave this ingredient out altogether and just use the bananas)
  • Chocolate bourbon biscuits (I used about 5... Surprisingly most brands of these are vegan! Another new thing I learned. Although check the packet to make sure. Again, you can leave this ingredient out or even substitute it for something healthier like berries)


  • Take the bananas from the freezer and blend to a creamy consistency in your blender
  • Add in the soya milk and blend again
  • Break up the chocolate bourbon biscuits, add and blend again
  • And it's done! :) Serve immediately for a 'soft scoop' ice-cream, or do as I did and place ingredients in a large bowl to freeze for consumption later on

Mix in the chocolate bourbons -or your choice of ingredients!

The end result! (with some already eaten, har!)

Sunday May 25th: 
Good times with friends

I've been so much of a hermit the last while/ too long, between cancer/ hospital appointments, being in general pain with my hip/ knee, and the fatigue which comes with both... So it was great to have one of those spontaneous nights in the pub/ out socialising with friends, which is what I did on Sunday night. An old friend is heading off for the summer, so met him and others out for a few goodbye drinks...

A great (and random) night all round.
-Here's to many more of the same! :)

Me and Damien

Bam and Bicky

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