Tuesday 27 May 2014

100 days of happiness... Day 4 & day 5: Doggies & juicing

And so here's the happiness posts for Monday and today... This experiment is harder than I thought! Either that, or I'm a narky bitch! ...If so, doing this may be the cure for that...

Monday 26th May:

When in doubt what to be happy over, animals are a good choice. On this day, my sleepy little fur-babies (aka dogs) were the things to make me happy. 


Louis (Lou-Lou bear) and Simon (Bicky)

Tuesday 27th May:

I've had a really bad day with hip pain -sore to lie down, sore to sit up, sore to stand and near impossible to walk. So it's been hard as feck to find something to be happy about. I would usually say 'bed' in this circumstance (har) -Although as I said, cannot get comfy lying down... so bed, you can kiss my ass ya shithead...

As yas all probably know by now, I adore my juicer. Bicky too. It's a deadly way to get in the extra vitamins when ya just can't eat any more. After researching it a bit, we've decided to do a total juice "detox" (for lack of a better word, I'll use the dumb, unscientific terminology) -that is, eat nothing, just get all our nutrients from vegetable and fruit juice.

It's a great way for obese people to lose weight, while resetting their taste buds -from what I've seen and read, after about a month of doing it, when the participants go back to eating, they actually crave vegetables and fruit -rather than their usual chips and cheese burger (chips=fries, for my US readers). This can only be a good thing. This is kind of what happened to me when I was 13 and half-ish and decided to stop eating meat -I eventually went from being afraid of certain foods, to loving them. The more you consume something, the more you actually do like it. That was my main reason for turning to a mostly vegetarian lifestyle -I had extreme food issues (like many people -nothing on the plate could
touch, issues with texture... still have some issues but only a few) and wanted to take easy to cook meats out of the equation and force myself to face my fears.

However, as me and himself love vegetables anyways, and aren't obese, we are purely doing this experiment to get extra vitamins into us. I can manage two juices a day at the moment, but I find them quite filling! So hopefully replacing food with juices will help this -I.E., I won't be too stuffed from food to have extra juices. As not to lose much weight, we are also monitoring our calorie intake from the juices and making sure we get enough.

So today has been our first day, and so far so good! We haven't set a proper goal in regards to time scale (after all, it's not suggested that anyone do something like this indefinitely of course, haha!) but we're thinking a week at most.  

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