Monday 16 February 2015

Bicky's marriage equality fundraiser

As I've mentioned in a prior post, I'm trying to help the yes campaign for the upcoming marriage equality referendum in Ireland. As you can imagine, the no campaigners are vast in number, monies and power, so fundraising is a must. This is not about religion, this is not about children, this is not about politics -This is about every Irish woman and man having the same human, basic rights as each other! Not an LGBT member? Great! It is straight allies I'm trying to appeal to here.

So to recap on what I kinda already said in the prior post: 

what can you do? Well apart from the obvious voting yes... 

1. Donate: Text "Love" to 50300. Save and post this pic to your Facebook profile (with the photo settings set to public of course, so that your mates can share).

2. Live in Dundalk? Attend the local
meeting in the Outcomers this Thursday night for general information and to find out what fundraising activity you can take part in. The centre is in Roden Place, down the alley beside Mullens takeaway.

3. Don't live in Dundalk? Contact your local LGBT centre (Google is great folks, use it!) and ask what fundraising they are involved in/ how you can help.

And finally. a massive plug to my dearest Bicky's (aka Simon's) event: 

Head shave in the Bartender on Tuesday, Februaury 24th, 2015

That's right all -his lovely, long, curly locks are being shaved off! And for two good causes -The pony tail will be hopefully eligible to be donated to the Rapunzel charity. Live acoustic music on the night and of course a raffle -Wouldn't be an event without a wee raffle sure. Please get inviting your Facebook friends, and of course if you can't make the night, donate via the fundraising page

...Lets make this a year we can stand up, be accounted for and be proud to be Irish.
Much love and happiness to all x

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