Wednesday 18 February 2015

♫ Soft Kitty, warm Kitty... Non-smoker Kitty, inhaler-using Kitty...

So sick girl is sick. Big news! Ha... I've had a... chest infection? Flu? (not 100% sure really) the last couple of months. It's mostly been fine, felt only like the end of a cold or something, but wouldn't go away. Then my temperature blew up, got chesty, yada yada... Long story short, I've been mostly bedridden the last two weeks, unable to breath/ sleep. Joints also been bit worse, I guess to be expected when I'm sick/ run down. The good news is that I'm off the cigarettes/ rollies! :) Totally by accident obviously, as I couldn't breath in deep enough to actually inhale, har! But good all the same, I knew I had to quit for a while. I gots myself one of those nicotine only sticks (the older version, not those fancy, sonic screwdriver looking yokes) but not using it very much, just good to have for when I next partake in alcohol.

Bad news is that I'm on my second round of antibiotics (I haven't taken antibiotics since having pneumonia when I was 19 -It isn't something I go into lightly), I now own an inhaler (because I didn't have enough medications and health-related accessories) and my immune
is obviously still deficient from chemotherapy AND I might not actually have that bad of an infection, I may just have permanent lung damage from the radiotherapy, or even the chemo drugs. Hurray. Fabulous, super fucking fabulous... But hey, I'm not a smoker any more so at least I'm really healt- Oh wait. Yeah. Never mind.

Hoping this round of antibiotics work and Kitty can resume 'normal' activity shortly.


  1. Gorgeous picture of the kitties! Love the background picture of your blog. So retro! I hope you get over your illness as fast as possible. Best wishes,