Tuesday 15 March 2016

I finally gots me a Facebook page

As some of you may know, I gots me a Facebook page recently! Many, many hours are spent to set up and run such a high-tech, super powered, internets facilities. Only the elite and very noble are honored with such abilities to do so. Much wow.

I wasn't going to bother, as I already had a page for my charity art and craft shiz (KittyLovesTeddies), and just shared my things there... but as I'm trying to become more part of the blogging community lately I realised
it would be worth while.

Oh and I have also set up a handy way to keep track of new posts there to the right of the blog ➯

Simply enter your e-mail in the "follow by e-mail" bar, and you will receive a link every time we update the blog. Joy.

Oh and just a wee side note:
Apologies if I'm really slow getting back to comments or mails, on here or on social networks... All jokes aside, being unwell is time consuming (pain, excessive sleep, etc., etc.) ...I unfortunately have very little time in the day and things get on top of me. But please know, I adore yous all for following me, appreciate all your lovely comments, and do read your blogs too. The support, feedback and talking to people in sick people Facebook groups, can sometimes be my only social interaction...
anyways, mucho love-os! 

 If You have a Facebook page, comment with a link and I'll give it a like 

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