Tuesday 19 April 2016

IBA #BloggersChoiceAwards

I just bought my ticket for the Irish Blogger's Association's Blogger Choice awards!!!

So excited, it's the first time I've ventured to do anything like this. I'm a nominee, but I really don't care about that -Just looking forward to a fun night. Fingers crossed my body behaves and I'm not in bed lying down by 10! ...Still have to sort my wheelchair which I will not have by then (I know, I know! I'm getting on that, *pinkie promise*).

This is the first year they have held awards (from what I can tell), although they have the very popular conference every year. Unfortunately, with my laaaaame body, only one event is an option, so I went with the night time one/ the one which will have more alcohol.

For anyone (any of all my like 5 readers) that's interested, info HERE

And buy tickets HERE

IBA Facebook page HERE

And Twitter account HERE

I hope everyone is keeping well, relatively healthy and relatively pain free... 
More from me at the weekend...


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