Friday 15 April 2016

Pastel dreams

As many that know me personally probably know, myself and Bicky have been (very slowly) decorating the house. I obviously have very little time awake (har), and my beloved hasn't much free time between work and caring for me, so this process has been suuuper slow -over a couple of years. We have our kitchen complete, and bathroom, hall and sitting room very nearly finished.

For now, here are some pics of our hall and sitting room so far...

I've only recently started using Annie Sloan chalk paint (I know, I know! -Bad artist, and even worse woman!). But totally obsessed with it now -Even Bicky (a male) loves using it... Like, we want to paint everything in it. For those that don't know: goes over wood, brick, etc, -No prep, very little smell/ fumes, brushes wash in water... Just really easy and clean to use.

I painted the TV stand, door and brickwork (which was dark brown before and only required one coat) using the chalk paint, and the hall walls in a combination of chalk and acrylic -Annie Sloan clear wax over the TV stand and door, but not on the
fireplace as it would be flammable. I gave the door a slightly distressed look by using sandpaper. Chimney wall previously painted in a normal matte, eggshell a while back, and back of the hall is in mustard (can't remember brands).

The inspiration for the hall walls came in the form of my vintage toy collection, essences of dreams, childhood, spring, pretty pastels and My Little Pony. And so I painted pastel clouds.

The picture on the door into the sitting room was up-cycled from a second hand shop with the use of some cheap nail varnish.

If you live in Co. Louth, check out Quaint in Dundalk to buy Annie Sloan Chalk paints and wax, as well as some really pretty housewares and trinkets.

...I absolutely love waking up and entering our new, sunny hall now.


  1. Your house has such a nice vintage look to it! Love what you did with the tv stand :) Sometimes a bit of paint can make such a huge difference.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation