Wednesday 10 August 2016

Hopping on #Instagram

Well, well, well, I have yet again mounted the social media pony and went and got myself an Instagram. I never bothered before -I have Facebook (both profile and pages) and a Twitter account, surely that is enough cloud space for photos? But realising that everyone has one these days, particularly bloggers, I hopped right on. And it's slightly addictive... My ego, nosiness and social conditioning love it, while my insecurities and female brain tell me it's dumb, I'm a fraud and it's waste of precious time/ life. Kinda like watching Pretty Little Liars (which I did recently... Sooo many issues with it, fuckin' hell. Like the writers just made the story up as they went along, yeah? The midway/ summer ending of season 6? Oh what monkey cock, kill me now, and all of the characters. I think by the end of it *I* was actually A. It's still quite addictive for some reason though... another rant for another day). So, anyway, the reasonable human in me tells me to shut up, stop over thinking and I post pretty-ish pictures of mundane things I like, do, see... I think you probably know the complex workings of Instagram yourselves. Join me there, lets self loathe together.

So for various animal pics, mini adventures and probably some playing with my toys/ building forts, join me here:

Cripple Baby on Instagram

In case you've missed previous posts and info, you can add/ follow/ like me on my other social media outlets here:

Cripple Baby on Twitter

What is your favourite site and why? What do you use it for (personal, blogger, etc.)? Anyone on Bloglovin'?? I'm thinking of trying it out, although haven't looked much into it. As for Snapchat, don't see the attraction, and Pinterest, I reeeeally don't see the point in that. Enlighten me though! Add your opinions in the comments section -What ones can you not live without and why and what should I try out next? 
(...What a time to be alive!).


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