Monday 5 September 2016

#LWIBloggies2016: Circus theme inspiration boards

In light of the blog awards being circus themed, I've went all girly and created some inspiration boards -styles I love, loosely based around the more vintage, creepy take on the circus. Perhaps even more reminiscent of a freak show than traditional circus. I plan to dress comfortably myself, as I can't wear heals unfortunately and I might not bring the wheelchair -so as much comfort as possible will be my main agenda. I have a few ideas in mind, a dress ordered online that I hope will arrive on time, but other than that I'm keeping my lips sealed. Although I promise you, it really is nothing too elaborate!

I know the night in general is meant to be "casual formal" dress but less face it -all you ladies are going to dress up to some extent! And sure why not? And just today they have released that fun dress up within the circus theme is indeed encouraged.

So fellow bloggers, what are you considering wearing on the night? (Guys too!). Will you incorporate the circus theme in little, subtle tones or go full steam ahead to be the belle of the tent? Or maybe you just aren't feeling it and want to steer clear of the concept entirely (fancy dress isn't your thing, or you're going super casual, or you've had an outfit already planned for ages perhaps?). Would love to know what everyone's thoughts are, so leave a comment πŸ˜ƒ

If you haven't had a chance to consider an outfit yet, and looking for some circus-y inspiration, I hope these help.

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