Wednesday 27 April 2016


I vaguely mentioned previously, in my 5 year bucket list, that I wished to start an Irish support group for those of us who suffer from chronic pain.

I've never felt that I needed one-on-one counselling, although I have searched for local support systems -For any of my conditions. To no avail. And then of course, even something for general pain. Again, nothing near by. But sure I guess, everything is online these days, and I'm already a member of a couple of Facebook support networks for a few things. However, there's very few Irish based ones. I find these groups a tremendous crutch of support and
comradery, and I also enjoy helping others. But it's hard sometimes for say the likes of someone in the UK or US to understand the Irish healthcare system and differentials that come along with such topics.

In any case, I figured someone should set up an Irish one for chronic, physical pain -then I realised, I am someone. So that's what I gone and dids.

Currently we have 13 members but only started the Facebook group a couple of days ago. I hope that in the future we may even have a few get together's. For more info and to join, see the website.

And pleeeease:
Don't be put off joining if I know you personally. Confidentiality is really the main priority.

So if you're Irish, have chronic, physical pain and in need of a good rant, a shoulder to cry on or even a good meme to laugh at, feel free to join us at #IrishPainies (because hashtags are cool!).



  1. Absolutely love this idea Kitty. Well done in setting this up :) x

  2. Thanks Zoe 😄 Early days but going well so far. If you know anyone that may like to join, please send them the details 💙